Friday, July 23, 2010


It has been a long day, a painful one. I did finally get the oil changed in the truck and the cucumbers and some tomatoes picked. Rather than taking them to everybody I had them come and get it. I did get the chance to browse the web and chat with my friends at ConCen.

I should be down to one of the last few patches and so I am taking the advice of my friend Kim. I will wear these last 2 patches an extended day each and follow-up with pills for a few days then my system should be weaned. There is a lot of pain that shows, more than I thought was there. Not that I'm into pain but before I ate and swallowed whatever and whenever with occasional break through pain, thing is, it masked far too much pain. That allowed me to eat and do whatever and that ain't a good thing. It isn't the mountains that wears one down, it is the hills. I knew when I done really bad but not when I done bad... I do now.

My neck is hurting on the outside more than the inside after a few minutes unprotected in the sun. The sun has become my enemy with this and yet is my friend with the Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Speaking of which, the ones that read this please remember my good friend Sally tonight who is hurting and say a prayer for her. She is one of the sweetest, smartest, strongest people I have had the honor of calling friend. If one reads on CTCL it looks like a walk in the park, but in reality it is far, far from that. I love on one board when someone says they are hurting and the doctors say they are not. It is by the Grace from God that the roles aren't changed.

I finally got some meds for my cold today that Dr Rathfoot called in. It has taken from last Friday til now, but at least I have them. I've suffered some with this cold but this is life, I've seen a whole lot worse times and I'm sure I will again. I have an appointment with him next week and I pray that he will say good job. I grow tired of this battle.

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