Monday, July 26, 2010


Lord what a night, no sleep at all. Denise said it was the predisone, that I had took it too late. Saturday night I like to not have went to sleep, started in bed and woke up freezing but soaking wet on the couch about 7am. Personally I think small elves carried me in there and bathed me. Now here it is Monday and I wish they'd have knocked me out, lol. I believe that I sweated out a lot of the infection though, other than tired I feel pretty good.

I didn't go again to HBOT and I will not go until I know the infection is gone and I can clear my ears for the dive. I go to Dr Rathfoot tomorrow for a check up, man I hope my sinuses are clear, if not they will give you stuff that will. Stinks but not too bad. I got only two visits in last week. I am hoping that I am done with the treatment. It isn't bad but you never know what mood the doc will show up and that causes stress. I have a problem with people that start a sentence screams look you G.D. S.O.B., then it gets worse. Its like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and the way I figured it so far is that he knows that the people there are at his mercy and I'm sure that God is keeping score, I know I am. That kind of stress placed can reverse or at least detract from the benefit. I should have been doing Vit C. I have read that your body uses more under stress. I guess the law of averages just caught up with me. Look at the excellent doctors I have had so far plus the ones that read this. The has to be a bad apple in the bunch somewhere, sometime. So I really can't complain, I have been blessed.

Its sad really that someone has to be that way. Like the ones before though, I have remained silent on here and at the hospital... but it is hard. It is a shame really, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is such a great tool. One of the few "conventional medicines" I think shows greatness. I have faith in it. I have not only experienced what it can do but saw others benefit from it. Over the course I have remained silent on this about it, I had no other choice. Usually Chad or John dive and both are compassionate and caring. Credits to their profession. I actually don't see how caregivers keep a heart as much as they see, and some don't, but these do.

I am slowly starting back my herbs and vitamins now, being careful as I don't get choked on them. It is getting easier. I still plan if all goes well to restart all the herbs plus the one that I am sorta leary of, the B-17. A friend on CC turned me onto a website that is pretty good. There is a therapy there that bears looking into, I've read about it over the years on other sites. I plan to look it over. It is at Not that I will not walk away from this care but add to it. I have had too many kin folk die of cancer after they thought it was gone, too many. If mine is gone, I will still go through for prevention.

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