Tuesday, September 14, 2010


  I'm slow but building steam a little each day. The Bactrim stopped tonight, last pill. Thank God, I almost always got choked on that one every time I did it. Much to Denise's surprise I've been climbing a ladder to work on the top of the new Chicken Coop. Just about 2 years ago I could have had it done in 2 weekends, I have worked on it 3 weeks (but not every day). I still ain't half way done yet, lol. With the neuropathy I just watch which step I'm on, think I may have broken a toe today, oh well, it'll heal. I still have that Godfather sounding voice but it does really well at the start of the day. As I speak though I slowly lose it and go right back to Marlon Brando.

  My weight is back...too much back, lol. My hair is still curly but the front has thinned back out again. I'm tired a lot, but I guess that goes along with it. Those who have read this from the beginning know that this in minor. I still have a lot of muscles to build back.  

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