Friday, September 10, 2010


  It Friday... well that use to mean something, lol. I've spent the week healing up a bit. It would seem that the sunblock wore off quicker than I expected. My neck has hurt like no other up until today. Like a hot iron had been placed all around it. It took about 3 days to get my energy back, bear in mind though that is with a nasty sinus infection, so I figure that I have done good.

I've played with the new Chicken Coop, and I do mean played, lol. It isn't much farther along that it was when I started. It's a new experience climbing a ladder with neuropathy, but I've done it... so far. They are going to feel like the Beverly Hillbillies when they get to move in it. We went Monday to the First Monday and bought 5 new laying hens and 9 Guineas, spent almost 100 bucks. I think buying eggs at the store would be cheaper, then again, the Salmonella thing... maybe not. I got the Tobacco sticks picked up out of the garden and piled up on a pallet for next year's use. Soon it will be time to plant the Garlic.

  Kim came up with a good idea and I am planning on getting a FaceBook started on cancer. It will focus on Head & Neck cancer. Maybe it will help someone. I started it out then I forget what got me sidetracked. I at least have something to blame the brain functions on now, chemo. Before it was just called scatter-brained. 

Spent today goofing off. I talked with Megan's councilors at school and we have that worked out. They were more than receptive. Thanks to Dale and Terry for pointing out things I didn't think about and when I presented it to them, they hadn't thought about that either. So now Megan will have notes, either from a teacher or a student and anything on TV will be played with Closed Caption. If CC isn't available then she will get notes on what she just watched. I had not thought about how hard it would be reading lips and trying to write down notes. Thank you Dale and Terry.   

  Most of the fingernails and toes nails have grown out of the dead ring in them. I've gained weight from the steroids. The neuropathy still rages. The chemo brain or chemo fog is still very active. I still have a hard time swallowing most times and certain things are off limits due to pain. That includes sun. The hissing in my ears is a bit less. The energy level is slowly coming back, but when I hit that wall, I hit hard. I worried, though I didn't mention it, about getting back home safely on our ride. If I went down and it was just me wouldn't be so bad but with Denise on there, that was scary. I wouldn't want to harm her. Overall I think I am slowly getting there.


FastTadpole said...

Thanks for the stream of updates. You are a consistent source of inspiration to me.

Glad to hear you pulled through the latest challenge. I'm sure you had lots of support to prop you up.

Your testimony to steroids certainly adds to the debunk of myth. Not foaming at the mouth yet I presume? No aggressive outbursts I hope? Roids are pretty common in military and law enforcement (and of course sports). Testosterone could be really helpful for dudes with a low sperm count / effeminate bodies though and help to counteract our steady dose of GMOs, radiation, BPA and estrogen.

Let me know when you need assistance on the DVD from that TV appearance and I look forward to seeing what you produce from your new Facebook page.

So much to do so little time.

Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero

Anthony said...

Thanks my friend, I try to do what I can with what I got.

I've tried to make sure that I don't beat my chest and scream... oh yea, forgot, I can't do that physically, lol. I do think the steroids have somewhat mood altering. I noticed that my patience was a bit thin so I kept a watch on myself. Sometimes IMHO, we need to step back and see what others see. Hopefully I wasn't too much a pain. I did have some moments though... but I mumbled, lol.

With the studying the research that I've done over time I still believe that GMOs are the source of many diseases. The radiation wasn't much of a help either. Funny, I never had to use anything in the sun before and sunblock is very caustic. Kind of like jumping from the pan into the flames. We seem to not be able to escape radiation these days on many levels, along with BPA.

So true, so much to do and the world just spins faster it seems. We are only here for a blink of an eye.

I'll let you know when it comes out. They've changed the name of the show yet a 3rd time, lol. They are suppose to send an email to let me know and I'll let you know when it comes on. I think A&E Biography Channel. I have so many thoughts on how to do the new Facebook site, but I'm open to suggestions.