Friday, September 17, 2010


Goofed off yesterday. I think all the small activity got to me a bit. I woke up about 5am in the Den, with a headache, lol. Caffeine headache, maybe, forgot to do that yesterday. Maybe today wire in the Coop, should have done that yesterday. Need to build the door too. Funny, I am use to doing and doing and now I do some then pay for it a couple of days... but I'm working on building back. Frustration.

  This part is hard to grasp. I've always been a workaholic and now? That causes anxiety and sometimes depression. Physically though, other than the occasional throat swelling and hard to breathe at times, I'm guessing from the narrowed throat from the radiation scars inside, I'm good. I still have to watch colds and shake at someone sneezing... and there seems to be a lot of people doing just that along with coughing, So I avoid being in close public situations. I love how someone will sneeze in their hand then offer to shake, lol.

  Dentyne gum for some reason helps the saliva glands to try and work. Strange. If I could only find it without Aspartame in it. Seems I trade one bad thing for another on that. It does get me through a store shopping thing without carrying water or some kind of liquid.

  Well, we will see what today brings, challenge or conquest.         

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