Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2-22-11 Dr Rathfoot follow-up

  Well, it could have been better but it could have went worse too. It started a bit rough though. We stopped at Hardees and got us a biscuit. After 9 pills I have a little while before I get sick at my stomach to eat. The plastic temporary bridge snapped into two pieces. I ate enough bites to at least have something on my stomach. I pieced it together and placed it back on as best I could so that it wouldn't look too bad when I smiled. I called Morristown Dental Center and they made me an appointment for 10am. They made another one. I barely made the appointment. I thought that was super of them to get me in in short notice. That is a great bunch of people there. They all are nice and know their stuff, and they actually care.  

  No evidence of the tumor, an excellent thing. The swelling hasn't improved. It has held it's ground even with steroids. He said he worries about me catching a cold with the swelling as it is now. He asked if I had a hard time breathing, which I don't until nighttime and with activity. Apparently there is some concern for it closing off, I kinda figured something like that. Denise says she doesn't sleep well listening for me to make weird breathing noises and that she wakes me up or at least gets a response from me when I do. I think that answers the question of why she does that, and I thought she was just paying me back for snoring, lol. So apparently the danger of my throat closing is a real issue. Plus aspiration is an issue. I do swallow better now depending on what liquid I use, size, and texture it is. I never fully got back my taste after the chemo. Most things I can taste hurts my tongue and throat if I eat them.

  He wants to try an anti-inflammatory medicine in addition to the Predisone, which we will increase from 10mg per day to 20mg per day, taken in two doses. He first suggested Celebrex which Denise objected to. She said that it was what I was taking when I tore the shoulder and neck before my heart attack. I don't remember what the name of his second choice was, but they both liked it. Rathfoot had an Intern with him again today and asked if he wanted to look through the scope. He looked and Denise asked if she could look through the scope, and he let her look. He did ask if I was ok with that which was no problem. I would liked to have looked myself, even though I probably wouldn't have a clue what I was looking at. I think me looking though wouldn't be possible since it is up the nose and down into the throat.    

 I figure that the odds are good and if they aren't, I have no problem going in my sleep. Not that I would want Denise to find me that way, but I'm chicken. I don't figure I'll be going anywhere before my time and when it is time I am ready, so all is good there. I would like to get my garden out though. Hurry up spring. If nothing else I need some of this weight off me. When I got off the scales I could have swore I heard it give a sigh of relief. Time to feed everybody now, Jack is pissed not to mention the orphaned kittens and chickens are probably hungry. Overall it has been a good day. At least I'm holding my own so far. Plus the other guy, he is doing good too. I don't know his name but I gave permission to Dr Rathfoot to read this blog. If he is, hang tough and remember you never walk alone unless you just want to. You are going to be fine.   


CourtneyC said...

Anthony, you are doing exactly everything you are supposed to do. Plus, when somebody says "we got ourselves a biscuit," I think an angel is born... Forget that business about a bell ringing like in the movies. I'll pray for your good rest, and your wife's.

anthony7 said...

Thanks Courtney for the words and the prayers. Before long I'll be eating good biscuits, lol.

David said...

Always great to read your blogs, Anthony. Keep on blogging, and I will keep praying for ya.