Thursday, June 23, 2011


Finally getting back up to speed these last few days. The neuropathy is still unchanged but I've adjusted most days. I run 2 humidifiers at night and that seems to help too. I've still got to talk with Taylor about the vitamins. I've started back Vit D 4k per day and Reservatrol (spelling?).

Mowed the yard for the first time in a long time, since I went down that last time. I think I should have baled it, lol. I've been eating a little local honey and weeded whats left of the garden with no mask and no problem. I think I'm ready to finish the wall downstairs now. Hopefully the insurance company will decide to get on the ball and fix the house and garage soon. It's over 2 months now. I got the bike fixed, Terry Briggs made a bracket and bolt, better than the factory, to hold the radiator on. Still have to replace the motor for the horn... tomorrow maybe.

Charlie is heading for the chemo again soon and then he starts radiation, surgery is off the table, it is responding. That sounds good except given the choice surgery would beat that treatment, hands down.

Me and Megan ate breakfast at Shoney's and ran into Ed, he retired from UPS a few years before me. He has lung cancer. He looked good, has 6 more chemo to go. I spent most of my life there working with good people. It's alwasy good to see old friends.

So now yet another storm rages. This year is has been one after the other for storms. The gardens are a wash for the year I think. Between the hail, high winds, and rain, it's took it's toll.


Lori Bei Durst said...

So glad to hear you are feeling better and back on the Vit D and Resveratrol. I know the Vit. D has helped me. I take 6000 units.
We had 3 days of nearly 100 degree days, but today was lovely...mid 80's. The next few days are to be the same.....yippee! :o) I need to do a blog post...haven't for 2 weeks.

David said...

I too am a big advocate for Vitamin D. There are so many benefits to it, and still more benefits are being discovered often.

We as north Americans (I'm Canadian), almost unanimously do not get enough sunlight. Then when we do, we get burned. Vitamin D really helps offset that, in addition to all of the other wonderful benefits to it.

Make no mistake, I'm NO doctor! I'm just saying it's helped me.

Glad to see you were able to do the lawn. I dread it today. As I said, I'm Canadian but I'm living in Houston right now. Mowing the lawn down here is horrible! SO HOT :)