Saturday, October 15, 2011


  No new energy yet, but Denise had enough for both of us until she turned an ankle. Tractor tire indent from a long time ago. We went to Lowe's and got so peat moss the hit a yard sale and came home. Talked with Al who is going to start reworking the rafters in the Sunroom. Since me and ladders don't seem to go together still yet and his labor price was reasonable.

  Denise tilled the garden while I tossed rocks out getting the soil ready. I had put the leaves and grass clippings in there a few days before. Then we spread the peat moss out. Probably not enough but 3 bags. Then  tilled it again and I tossed more rocks out. :) I placed some pressure treated landscape timbers at the lower end to keep the soil from washing out. We have to get a roll of plastic so that Tuesday's rain won't get the soil wet. Wednesday we plant the Garlic since the signs are right. Not a big bed by any means, 10x25 ft, but it should be big enough. We debated and still may put some more peat down and mix it in. I tossed the remain fertilizer on the bed. We will have 5 or 6 different kinds again that range in flavor, then we can start eating what is left. I went out and picked some of the Bell Peppers again and left the bulk of them to finish off, unless it frosts soon. Denise has a thing for the Red ones since she heard they had a lot of Vit C in them.

  Man what a beautiful day today. Clear blue skies.  


Lori Bei Durst said...

Thinking of you two! Hoping the sleep situation works out for what is best for you Anthony. Continued healing prayers you way.
Fondly, Lori

Cali said...

I like red bell peppers because they are ripe and actually taste good. The green ones are vile, bitter and make everything they touch taste like nothing but green bell peppers. And now you have the opinion of a certified super-taster and chef.

anthony7 said...

Lori, Thanks. I have to go back at the end of the month to see Rathfoot. I'm going to have a chat about that pressure thing. O2 maybe with a little pressure.

Cali, Denise using the reds in Chicken Fajitas, but the other night stir fried them with sweet onions and NY strip. There went the diet, lol. The green Bells are good stuffed. Then again anything that has meat and cheese is already on my list of oh yea, lol.