Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dr. Panella Check-Up 10-10-2011

  We went for the regular check-up with Dr Panella today. I got a good report which was great. I think it would have been a little better if they had the last two visits from Dr. Rathfoot in my file, but it was good to hear the report from back in June. The blood work wasn't back in time for my visit, maybe Denise can get that tomorrow. I'm sure it is good though. I weighed in at a whopping 231 and some ounces, pretty much 232lbs. That would be good if I were a Sumo Wrestler, but I ain't. I could probably get a job as the "before" picture, lol. Panella suggested I loose weight and exercise. I couldn't agree more.  For a moment I thought my feet were shrinking when I looked down, but still the same shoe size, may be the view. :) I stopped in the Chemo Hut and saw the ladies there. Some new faces and some familiar ones too. They were good to me when I needed it most.

  He did feel what he called a thickening on bothy sides of my neck which he attributed to radiation damage. My next appointment is in 6 months and I have a chest X-Ray the day of. Throat (Esophageal) cancer recurrence is most prevalent at 2-3 years and for longer than that can follow what he calls the "tree"-  Brain, Neck, or Lungs. Now a special note:

  Dr Panella- If you still read this blog, I know you don't know how to take me sometimes, I am a bit odd. Denise says she is the same way. :) But know that I do listen to what you say and it does sink in and that I do value my life. I know God has the ultimate decision of life or death, but He also sent me to great doctors and nurses, and a great hospital, UT. I believe you to be a good doctor but more importantly, a good man, else I would not have stuck with you. He has provided me with great doctors, nurses, family, and friends. I know what comes next and have no fear, but I still respect life. Sometimes that comes across funny I know.

  You see my friend, I am a winner no matter what the outcome is for I have lived amongst great people. Good people. Kind people. So while I am here I decided long ago that if I could make someone smile or laugh, maybe I could repay just a tiny portion of the kindness that has been bestowed upon me. Plus that is also my medicine as well. If for even one moment I can make someone forget their troubles or pain and smile, it is a life worth lived. You have to admit, I made you smile and you smile when you look at me. God knows what you are thinking, lol, but it doesn't matter, thing is, you smile. I also forgot to say thank you. I'll see you in April 2012. God Bless.     


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post- beautifully expressed, and a beautiful way to live life. Thank you for the inspiration today...may you have continued good health and blessings!!

anthony7 said...

Thank You.