Wednesday, November 2, 2011


  Misty had her surgery and was feeling a little rough today, Matt took the day off again to stay with her. They took out the cist and Gall Bladder yesterday. They are sending the cist off to examine it, maybe she will know what it was by week's end.  She was feeling a lot of pain today, but I still made her laugh. She had ate some of the last tommy toe tomatoes I had picked that I brought her.  

I've gotten to take the kids to school 2 times now, and again tomorrow. Annie picked them up today. I slept with the O2 machine last night. Denise awoke to an alarm and she said I had turned it off and took it off in my sleep, lol. It was OK, but I still don't see of feel the difference.

 My fingers are slow to heal but they're getting there. C5&6 swelling has slowly gone down and between my shoulders is backing off, whatever you call those backbones. The cuts have went fast though. Knee is quite a bit better and elbow too. Right shoulder still a bit slow to heal.

  I played with the tractor a little, let Megan drive, ran errands and we moved the ramp they used in the Sunroom, which BTW has a ceiling now, thanks to Al & Mr Fox. I go to Suntrust tomorrow to close my last account there and next week we close with AT&T on the home phone and web. We're still contemplating the cells.

  Yesterday we got the fence patched up from the cows invading the hay area, they ate buffet I guess.  Part of 1 row is up with the Garlic, the rest is still down. Today I went to Ms Clawson's house and moved her piles of shavings and remains of a massive tree she had cut with the tractor. She is a nice lady. When I was doing chemo and lost my hair she made me 3 or 4 Do Rags to wear and wouldn't let me pay her for them.  

  All in all, it's been a great day today.

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