Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Been a wild last 2 weeks. Misty, Matt, and the kids have moved away now. Matt got a job away with benefits and other reasons I won't go into. They are doing good. Misty say she and the kids miss home, I told her we missed them too. They couldn't take Rex with them so I asked they leave him and when they visit the kids can play with him. Rex looks so lonely, we're going to get him a buddy. We're going to get him a buddy though, in the meantime.  Some of the stress was relieved that they were all adjusting and things were working out, still I miss them a lot. Mom sets and cries over it.

  I saw BB and he had to have surgery on his small intestine, but doing good after a bout with that. He was in good cheer and when this heals he needs shoulder surgery.

  I mowed mom's yard yesterday and when the rain subsides Misty's yard the ours. Today we loaded calves for the market, Mark came and helped. It was Megan's first time loading and she done great. Megan manned a 11-12 ft x 5 ft tall stock panel, unattached to anything except her and one other panel. The largest bull about 750 lbs) hit it and she stood him down. He was a little gentle and not totally wild. Then he hit mine and I stood him down too, except briers or metal, could have even been a hoof sliced my leg in two places, one about 2 inches and one about four inches. Camo always hides the blood if it don't wash out, so I was good. Once the first jumped into the trailer the rest followed, Mark came swinging one door and I the other. Six all together and they suggested I sell them as a group, said it'd pay more. First time I even did that, usually I sell the individually. Mark guessed we had at least 3500lbs in the trailer. They were a wee bit larger than they like them, so top dollar I'm thinking is out of the question. I trusted their suggestion at Mascott so we will see. So far there are 10 more to go, just not now.

  We've had a few beautiful days, I needed those. Days like this help the depression go away. The garden area wasn't dry enough today, plus we had the cows to do, but I'm itching to get a garden started. I guess now at 1am I have to lock and load and look around for prowlers again. It is what it is.   


CourtneyC said...
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CourtneyC said...

Hey Anthony,
I set my bookmark to your site, but at the page wishing your mom a happy (83 rd) birthday.
I kept wondering why you hadn't updated in forever!

What is this about prowlers? I feel like when stuff happens like this or your fall down the stairs, I'm reading about it and thinking, "Well, that's the last thing he needs."

I'm sorry about your family moving away.

I had a weird dream once where at the end, I heard a pop and woke up with the room spinning and my eyes doing a sideways slot machine movement for most of the day. Ended up at the hospital and they called it benign positional vertigo. So anyway, I know how weird /scary it is to come up out of sleep and hurt yourself or have something wrong.

I will put you and your whole family on my prayer list. And here's hoping you get a good price on the cattle.

Take care, Mr. A.

anthony7 said...

Hi Courtney, Thank you. I haven't updated it a lot lately, waiting on this round of tests and treatments if I do them. Thank you for the prayers. The prowlers, we kept vigilant on and I think they eventually gave up. Megan even went out at times. I got in trouble telling mom's age, lol. I kind of chilled on that one. The finger has healed some but it tore something, tendons or ligaments, maybe both. It works about 1/2 way and a bit painful at times if I put any pressure on it. They could surgically correct it, but I don't see where the cost would justify doing it.

I keep getting tangled on the O2 tubes I sleep with, maybe the roll? Denise says I'm wrapped up in it every morning, on the days I don't pull it off in my sleep, lol.

Misty and the kids are doing good. The school system is better than the one here, more geared to Brandon's Autism. Actually the whole curriculum is a lot better. Just in case though, should they ever want to come back, the house will remain empty. They couldn't take Rex (Black Lab), so I asked them to leave him to guard and play with the kids when they visit. We're going to adopt him a buddy. The calves done great and Mark's did too. Best we've ever done. Megan said she was impressed when the largest bull calk 750lbs pushed against the rack and I held it back, then she saw the cuts on my leg, they will heal. I told her I was impressed with her pushing back as well, plus working the gate. She done great.