Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Beginnings and Forenotes

Well I pretty much am starting this out a bit late. One could say after the fact so some of this is from a memories that may have forgotten a thing or two. I am not a writer nor a trained man to do this, rather a person who wants to share so that you may gain knowledge of what could be in your future. Knowledge is less painful that Wisdom.
Knowledge can be obtained by reading from others. Wisdom is the knowledge you gain just after you needed it.
Only you can decide which you desire.

About the doctors and some others mentioned:

It is for sure that the many of the doctor's names will not be disclosed that made errors in catching this for that is the norm for Throat Cancer. This by no way makes them bad doctors or takes away from their caregiver skills and knowledge. People simply make mistakes and some diseases hide themselves so well that it is very hard to find. Sometimes it is that we don't accurately describe what is going on and sometimes it is that doctors don't listen, but but frequently a combination of he two. It is out of respect that I do not mention the  names of the doctors that this cancer slipped past. I still retain the belief that they are good doctors, good people, and had good intentions. From that I retain my respect for them.

Sooo, let's start this thing.